Spotlight on Strategies: Instructional Media Bonus Edition

creativityFor this week’s Spotlight on Strategies we are bringing you not one, but twelve new ideas.  I had the privilege of working with educators from all over the country for the past seven weeks through the Discovery Education Wilkes University Instructional Media Program.

We explored a variety of ways to develop students’ minds through the use of digital media and took on our own Spotlight on Strategies challenge as part of the coursework.  The projects are so rich, creative and practical that I just had to share them more broadly.  Enjoy!

Dependent vs. Independent Learners by Amy Weinberger

Writing with a Purpose by Emily Thoms Daprano

Using Wordle in Spanish Class by Jennifer Nicholson

Personal Word Wall by Katie Lanier

Close Reading by Kathyrn Kranzush

The RTTL Strategy by Erin Farmer

I Have…Who Has… by Laura Domzalski

Mystery Skype to Teach Critical Thinking by Corinne Altham

Authentic Tasks and the Scientific Method by Mike Capilo

Inquiry Based Learning by Lindsey Davenport

KWLH by Paula Eckroth

Facebook in the Classroom by Ariel Kavulich


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  1. Max said:

    Since I probably need to work on being a more fluent reader, I mis-read the 5 Sentence Challenge ( as the “5 Senses Challenge” and thought it was about writing 5 sentences about a particular theme and incorporating the 5 senses. 🙂
    Still, I think that’s a good strategy, too!
    Awesome stuff from all 12 educators!

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