Chad’s Choices from the Community

chadschoices2It’s the Tuesday before ISTE and the DEN is gearing up for this great conference. There’s a lot being shared on Twitter these days and below is just some of the good stuff I found. Take some time to explore people and information from the DEN Community. If want to look at previous posts in this series, you can do so here.

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Persons of Interest

This week’s DEN Person of Interest is Tennessee DEN STAR and LC member Matt Graves. Matt is a Technology Coordinator and has been active in the DEN for several years. Matt presented at DENapalooza Atlanta last year and will be sharing his wisdom with others when he attends the DEN Summer Institute for the first time next month. Matt will be attending ISTE in a few days and will be putting in a little time as Chompie, Discovery Education’s mascot!


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