Blogging Tips and Tricks from DEN pros

2014-06-23_1336Whether you’ve just started using the DEN blogs or have been running a personal blog for years, it’s always helpful to get a refresher on best blogging practices. Here are a few tips and tricks on blogging from the Discovery Education community managers, the Leadership Council social media/blogging team and other blogging experts.


“A catchy title/headline is key. If the title is a question, it will draw more attention to the blog post.” -Kim Caise, DEN Star


“If you are doing a series of posts, use a tag to keep all of the posts together and accessible with a single URL. The DEN Weekly Update is a great example.” -Porter Palmer, Director of the global DEN community/DEN Princess


“Don’t forget to tweet out the URL including the hashtag #DENchat” -Paula Naugle, DEN Star and 4th grade teacher


“The best bloggers are able to provide personal perspectives but also connect those personal experiences with others. Good conversations don’t simply involve stories about yourself but stories to which others can easily relate and contribute.” -Dean Shareski, DEN Community Manager (via


“Be sure to include polls and graphics!” -Delsia Easley – DEN star, K-5 principal

(Find out how to make a poll on wordpress here)


“Add a list! Not only will it organize your information, it also creates an visually-appealing break in the text.” -Katy Stankevitz, social media DENtern


“Encourage community! Write unfinished posts and ask your community to complete the conversation.” -Jeff Goins, professional blogger (via


When you are in the mood to write or have time to write, do it! Schedule out the postings ahead of time and then you can space them out and relieve the stress of right-now deadlines. -Kelly Hines, Discovery Education PLC Advisor, DEN Star


“If you mention it, hyperlink it! The primary difference between a book and a website is that you can actually “drill down” into the information on a website. Nothing says “newbie” more than a bunch of words and no hyperlink” -Vicki Davis, teacher and author of Cool Cat Teacher Blog

(find out how to add hyperlinks here)


Got tips to add? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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