Tech Wednesday

Hello! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. I wanted to present a brief piece highlighting  technical feats within the film industry. Technology has created many magical moments for movie goers throughout the years. But there is one movie in particular that set the bar for feature film innovation. The Star Wars trilogy began in May of 1975.It was the beginning of a whole new generation, not just in film, but technical inspiration across the board. George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) has been known for pushing the envelope and taking major risks. Lucas’s cornerstone film was amongst one of the first to widely deploy CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and use motion sensor cameras to capture simulated scenery.   His fabled world presented new concepts not widely known prior to the film’s release. Oddly enough, a few of these innovations actually came to fruition! Two examples of these early innovations were the modern  HUD ( Heads Up Display) and the robotic prosthetic hand (used by Luke Skywalker). Multiple years of experimentation went into creating one of the greatest films of all time; while likely inspiring some of the leading innovators of today! Check out the videos below to learn more and continue your learning of film technology through Discovery Education Streaming. Goodbye for now!



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