#DENthrowback Instagram Competition

Do you know what’s happening in a few weeks? If you yelled “DENSI!!” at your computer screen in a burst of excitement (and then maybe looked around a little embarrassed), you’re right! Not only is DENSI Discovery Education’s most-anticipated professional development event of the year, it’s also a great way to connect face-to-face with other passionate Discovery Educators.

In the week leading up to DENSI 2014, we want to see some of your favorite pictures from past DEN events on Instagram. It could be from past DENSIs, other professional development events or local events with other Discovery Educators. Use the #DENthrowback hashtag, tag @DiscoveryEd and we’ll share our favorites on our Instagram. Our three favorite pictures that are posted before July 13th (DENSI Day 1) will receive some awesome Discovery prizes.

The competition starts on Monday, July 7th and anyone can participate – you don’t have to be going to DENSI! Rack through those past pictures, pick your favorite filter and post as many #DENthrowback pictures as you want!



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