Tech Wednesday Justin

This week on tech Wednesday, we are going to cover a brief historical moment in technology. To play along with the summertime feel, I am going to talk about something both cool and familiar! Did you know that on June 29, 2007, Apple introduced the world to the i-Phone. Its hard to believe that was 7 years ago, but who can imagine a world without i-Phone? 

The i-Phone was Apple’s first smartphone and played a major role in revolutionizing how we communicate today. The first model ran on what was known as an EDGE network. That is equivalent to speeds much less that 3G! It was shipped in two versions, 4 GB and 8GB. AT&T was made exclusive carrier the first few years of the phones existence.

Today i-Phone has evolved into one of the most popular and powerful devices on the market. It’s truly amazing what can happen within such a short span of time. Next time you find yourself spending time on your phone (which I’m sure there are a few guilty culprits), take a moment to reflect on how awesome technology truly is. That’s it for now! Until next time have a safe holiday weekend.