STARs in the News: Cheryl Lykowski

DEN_STARs_NewsSTAR Discovery Educators are doing great things in their classrooms each day and we don’t often get the chance to visit those rooms and see educators in action. Last year, I was fortunate enough to visit Michigan DEN STAR and LC member Cheryl Lykowski’s classroom. Cheryl does some pretty great things with her second graders and has been an active member of the DEN for quite some time. She’s sharing her knowledge with the DEN Community and has presented at MACUL, Michigan’s tech conference as well.

Recently, an article was published that shared eight great tools for classroom presentations. Cheryl was mentioned in the article and shared her opinion on Discovery Education Board Builder.  From the article:

Board Builder
Described by its maker as a “modern day poster board,” Discovery Education’s Board Builder is a digital platform (similar to Glogster) that lets teachers select backgrounds, text formats, templates and color schemes. Student s can customize their collection of resources, tell their own stories and upload their own images, videos and documents to personalize their boards. Second-grade teacher Cheryl Lykowski uses the presentation toll with her Monroe Road Elementary class in Lambertville, MI. By combining her classroom Smart Board and Board Builder, Lykowski can upload short video clips, reading materials and graphics showing the various components of a mountain or elements of common land plains. “It’s a nice, easy and tidy package,” said Lykowski, “that helps me tie everything together on a single platform and present it in a very intuitive and logical way.”


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Board Builder! If you’d like to read the rest of the article, you can do so here.


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