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chadschoices2ISTE wrapped up last week, the 4th of July is a memory, and the DEN Summer Institute begins soon. It’s been a busy time but am looking forward to sharing more with you in this week’s Chad’s Choices. ISTE and DENSI are great times for me to meet new faces in the DEN Community and reconnect with some old ones. Take some time to explore people and information below. If want to look at previous posts in this series, you can do so here.

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Persons of Interest

This week’s DEN Person of Interest is DEN STAR and LC member Sheila Fredricks. The DEN Summer Institute begins this week and Sheila has been doing a masterful job of communication information to attendees, answering questions, and simply being there for people. Sheila’s attended and shared her knowledge at a variety of DEN events over the years and will be one of many sharing in the coming days in Nashville.


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