Call for videos! #BecauseoftheDEN

It’s been quite a summer. While you’ve been attending professional development events and connecting to each other on social media, I’ve been favoriting your tweets, liking your facebook pictures and reading your blog posts. As teachers, you inspire each other with ideas and lessons, proving how effective a group of people connected by social media can be. As a student, this has inspired me and shown me the power of collective thought. Because of the DEN, I’ve seen what a passionate online community can do and the experience and knowledge gained has made my future career goals more attainable. For my final project as a DENtern, I want to show other educators who aren’t as involved in the DEN how awesome it can be on both a professional and personal level.

Tell me what the DEN has done for you. Make a sign with the hashtag #BecauseoftheDEN at the top and add your personal message. Then, take a video of you holding the sign. Bonus points if someone hands you the sign from outside of the video and/or you hand it off to someone else. EXTRA bonus points for goofiness, creativity and having fun. See my video below for an example.

Upload your video at (password: DEN) by July Friday, July 25th. Any questions? Shoot me an email at



  1. Deb said:

    When and where will this be posted? Can’t wait to see this. It is a wonderful idea. Thanks!

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