The First Five Things you Should Do with your DEN Blog

Congratulations on becoming a Discovery Education STAR! DE STARS are what keep the DEN alive and prosperous. Every STAR gets their own blog hosted on the DEN Blog Network. Below are some tips for setting up your blog and using it to its full extent.

  1. Figure out your way around

Sign in and go to my sites –> **your name** –> Dashboard

Another easy way to gdassssshet to this page is to use the URL:




The sidebar is your blog’s main navigation tool. You can use it to find the different spots I’ll talk about in tips 2-5.


  1. Change the title and tagline of your blog

Feel free to change the title of your blog to something catchy that shows off your personality. The title and tagline sets your blog apart from other blogs and tells the reader what kind of posts they’ll find. Here’s a great example from DEN guru Dean Mantz, who named his blog “Mantz’s Mission” and made his tagline “is to provide insights for enhancing education transparency with technology”




  1. Change your theme

You can design your blog’s appearance yourself if you’re code-savvy. If not, no fear – WordPress has hundreds of themes pre-made to make your blog unique and beautiful. Click “appearance” on the side bar to see all the different theme options available. You can pick something simple like Bobbi Capwell did which keeps your text and tabs in the standard location but is appealing to the eye…







Or, you can go intricate and change the layout of your page like Andrea Keller did:






Both are good options, depending on what you want your blog to look like. Play around, test out some themes and find one that works for your content!

  1. Upload a picture

Go to and create an account using the same E-mail address that is used for your Discovery Ed blog. Upload a picture and that picture will sync to your blog. Easy as that!

  1. Write your first post!

Discovery Education provides every STAR with a blog because DE believes that every teacher’s best resource is the knowledge of other teachers. Don’t be afraid to review your favorite products, share new ideas or pose questions in your blog posts. Then, check out some other blogs and comment on posts. This is a great way to connect with other teachers and start a conversation. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Blogging tips and tricks from DEN pros


Got more tips? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!