DENSI 2014 – From the Blogging Team!

July 11 – Friday, 8 am

Today’s the day the LC Pre-Con starts so many of us are on our way!  Your DENSI 2014 Blogging Team will arrive today from various parts of the United States and Canada and we just want you all to know…

…we’re on the way to DENSI 2014!! 

I’m on my way from Halifax, NS to Nashville this morning!  It will be my first time there so I’m pretty happy about this year’s location.  I’m at the Toronto International Airport right now waiting to board the second leg of my trip.  I’m excited to see friends from last year and to meet new friends and I’m a bit nervous about presenting this year!  See you all there!” – Sandy MacDougall

Looking forward to DENSI2014 and the LC pre-conference getting underway today. I’m getting ready to gather a few friends from the Nashville airport soon. Then we’ll all be together again. Yes, DEN family reunion time! Can’t wait to meet our new DEN friends in a few days and welcome them to the DEN family. I am so thrilled to be part of this Clan. If I stare at the clock hands and will them to move faster, do you think it would work?” – Neene Shields

I’m about to depart from Pensacola, FL on a direct flight to Nashville. This will be my first trip to Nashville and my first DENSI! I am looking forward to making lifelong friendships and growing my PLN. See you soon and for those of you coming in a few days, have a safe trip…(deep breath)…DEN-S-I 2014, Here I come!!!!” – Dee Read

I cannot believe that this day has finally arrived!  The car is packed with just about everything I could think of, and a few more things as well.  I’m just getting ready to head out the door here in Lexington, KY, where I have been visiting dear friends for the past week.  It’s about a 3 hours to drive to Nashville, a city I’ve briefly visited a few times.  I am looking forward to revisiting “Music City” again with all my DEN friends old and new!” – Karen Zilhaver

So finally after waiting 365 days, I’m headed back to reunite with some of the most inspiring people I know. For several days I will get my fix of technology, innovation, learning, and friendship that will rejuvenate and sustain me for the next year. My husband and I are driving together from Wisconsin, and will arrive later today, so that I can get my fix of the DEN at DENSI in Nashville. I can’t wait to share.” – Karie Huttner

I’m leaving a balmy 95 degree South Carolina to kick up my heels with some awesome educators at DENSI. I have everything in my suitcase except clothes, no room. It has been a few years since my last DENSI and I am excited to reconnect with friends and meet my new online DEN pals. I am also looking forward to checking out the Makey Make kits and Swivel device I’ve been hearing about on FB. I love DEN Summer camp!  – Amy Dent

See y’all in Nashville!


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