DENSI 2014: Day 2 Recap

Our Outing!

Day 2 of DENSI means one thing: ADVENTURE! Today’s adventure took us on a tour of Music City, with stops at the Ryman Auditorium, the Parthenon, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. After breakfast, we all boarded the buses, and the luckiest of the DEN stars chose bus #2, led by the fantastic tour guide, Carolyn! Aside from being absolutely hilarious, Carolyn seemed to not only know about ALL the buildings and landmarks we passed, but she also knew stories and gossip about almost everything! I’m sure that anyone on bus #2 would agree that she really was fabulous.

Carolyn kept bus two in stitches all day!

Carolyn kept bus two in stitches all day!

Our first stop on our day of adventure was the Ryman Auditorium, originally a church, it was the later transformed into an entertainment venue, famously housing the Grand Ole Opry. All of us DEN stars were treated to a really interesting video about the history of the auditorium before being released to explore on our own, some of us even making our way onto the famous stage. After the video and viewing all the exhibits, I have really come to appreciate country music. Not for the music itself, per se, but for something totally different. I couldn’t help but notice all of the strong women represented in country music. I’m not just talking about the performers. The Ryman is still standing today because of Lula C Naff, who had the foresight to realize that changes had to be made for the building to survive. What a strong and innovative woman she was to help to keep such an important building as a part of the Nashville landscape.

Following the Ryman, we ventured onward to the Parthenon where we got the famous group photo. I haven’t seen it published online yet, but I think it is going to be amazing!

After a quick lunch, we were back on the bus and headed for the Country Music Hall of Fame. I will be the first to admit, that of all the musical genres, country is probably my least favorite. That being said, I ended up having a great time at the hall of fame! First off, my husband and daughter met up with all the DEN-izens, giving me a chance to show off the littlest DEN star! I also didn’t realize how great she is for networking! I’m admittedly an introvert, preferring to take things in from the periphery.  Having my Peach around though, made it even easier to connect with the other stars. My husband was joking just yesterday about the baby being a chick magnet for him this week; I think she is more of a STAR magnet! Secondly, the building is beautiful and filled with a lot of interesting stuff! Even though I’m not a big country fan, I do like Elvis and Johnny Cash, so I found myself on a mini-scavenger hunt, looking for any mention of them! If you’re #notatdensi2014 and ever get the chance to visit Nashville, the hall of fame is worth the time!

My sweet Peach and dear husband visited the stars at the CMHOF

My sweet Peach and dear husband visited the stars at the CMHOF (Thanks for the picture, Norma!)

Movie Night

After dinner, we got a special treat! We were introduced to Wyatt Chanell, an Executive Producer of Discovery Communication’s Science Channel, who shared an advanced screening of  an upcoming episode of “How the Universe Works”. This specific episode focused on Jupiter and detailed the planet’s formation, relation to the Earth, and interestingly, the future of the gas giant. In the post screening Q & A, Channell shared with us how important it is to him that his shows are presenting new information. In this episode in particular, NASA was enlisted to run simulations and make scientific predictions about how Jupiter will change in the future, and how it will be effected by other changes, such as the death of our sun.

Looking Ahead

Today was a lot of fun, but tomorrow comes the real exciting stuff! The sessions start tomorrow and I’m already stressing about what I should choose! There are so many great thing to learn; I just can’t wait! I’m also kind of intrigued by one of our gifts for today. Not quite sure what kind of silliness is planned, but if it involves a harmonica I am sure it’s going to be fun!


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