DENSI 2014 – Monday Update

Images by AE MacDougall compiled with PicCollage

Now the DENSI2014 conference can kick into full swing.

Sunday of DEN-S-I is a special day because participants participate in a passion project that is often designed to give something back to the community.

This year was no different.  LC members and some of the principals who remained from the Principal Summit volunteered to make 200 sandwiches and assemble them with other items into 100 hearty bag lunches that were delivered to Room in the Inn, a homeless shelter.

Many of those people also brought a book that would be appropriate for a young person between the ages of 5 and 18.  Over 50 books were gathered and delivered to Family Life Center, a shelter for women and children.

Image by K Staton

A large group of very industrious volunteers stuffed, sewed and accessorized 32 “sock monkeys” which, along with some other items will also go to the Family Life Center.

Everyone involved felt these projects were worthy causes and were very happy to help others in this way.  Thank you to Zulma Whiteford for being the spirit and power behind this project!

Those who aren’t part of the DEN, sometimes ask, “What does this kind of stuff have to do with digital resources in classrooms?”  Well, to fully understand you need to be part of the DEN, but in short the DEN is about helping others and providing support.  That support and help can come in many, many ways and goes on throughout the year, not just a morning at DEN-S-I. To find out more talk to a DEN member… but be sure you have some time to listen.

As members of the DEN found their way to our residence hall, cheers, hugs, and more visions of DENthusiasm were abounding. Those that are new to this fabulous frenzy were greeted by members of the DEN welcome team and members of the DENLC.

Porter Palmer giving Matt Graves the first DENSI 2014 “Finger”. – Image by K Zilhaver

One way we begin making connections on the first day is to trade an initially anonymous gift that represents where we are from. The goal is not just to find whom your gift is from but to discuss briefly the choice in gift and get to know one another better. This is creates your first and second connection at the conference.

After a delicious BBQ, Porter presented Matt Graves with the DEN Finger.  Matt provided transportation to many people from the airport to Vanderbilt U.  Thanks Matt!

Greg Siers – Image by K Zilhaver

Greg Siers gave an impressive keynote that reminded us all of the difference we can make in others. How we interact with each other is a choice. What will you choose each day?  It’s difficult for a non-teacher to address a group of teachers on the topic of teaching. But Greg Siers knocked the ball out of the park on that point as well!

Back at the dorms Dean was moderator, umpire/referee, and DJ for the Name that Tunes competition which was apparently won by the “girls” team which was helped significantly by Judy Uhlrig.


Today’s content provided by Neene Sheilds and Sandy MacDougall with information from Zulma Whiteford and Dave Tchozewski.





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