DENSI 2014: Day 3 Recap

Our first day of sessions was just as hectic and brain-meltingly awesome as I expected.  I especially LOVED all the toys that Steve Dembo brought for us to try out this afternoon in the DENovation session! I have to start making a list of all the things I want need to get for my classroom, which should be easier now that I’ve learned how to score some grants from the pro, Dacia Jones! Before all that fun, though, we were treated to a broadcast by WDEN!

I took notes at all the sessions that I attended personally, and scoured Twitter, Edmodo, and Facebook for resources from the rest of the sessions. Susan Bowdoin also took some great notes that she has shared, so I linked to those too. If I wasn’t able to find anything for a session, I included the Twitter handle for the presenter so you can contact them with questions about the sessions.

Session Notes and Resources


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