DENSI 2014 – Outing Day: A DEN Star’s Perspective

Contributed by Amy Dent

Image by A Dent

I’ve never owned boots. I have huge feet and struggle to find normal, everyday shoes, let alone, a cool pair of western boots. I mustered the courage to enter the shoe store today and was delighted to see a barrage of beautiful western boots in many styles and sizes. I actually found my size, chose a few pair and set to trying them on.

I struggled, pulling and tugging, determined to get that shoe on my giant, yacht size foot. I then called in a sales clerk who continuously encouraged me to not give up. She began to implore a variety of strategies from shoe horns to an ordinary plastic bag. I was skeptical but with a good pull, I was wearing boots for the first time in my life. I strutted around like a peacock, enjoying their beauty but more proud that I didn’t give up and made it happen.

I tell you this odd story to remind you that it is okay to allow our students to struggle with learning, but be ready with a toolbox of strategies (S.O.S) and experts (DEN community) to guide and encourage them to their ultimate success. Set your goals for tomorrow and strive to struggle!


Amy Dent (@ahdent) is a Technology Integration Specialist at Meadow Glen Middle School in Lexington, SC. 

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