DENSI 2014: Day 4 Recap

It was another amazing day at DENSI! We started with the emotion and inspiring keynote by Adam Bellow. I think we were all in tears!! Maybe next year we can just have an Adam Bellow Day were we can just let Adam tell us stories all day! We were also treated to another episode of the WDEN news! Just like yesterday, I tried to include resources from each session. Some are the actual live stream archives, other are notes or presentations. If I wasn’t able to find anything, I listed the Twitter handle of the presenter(s) so that you can contact them with questions. Session Notes and Resources

DENovator Faire We also had the DENovator Faire, which was pretty much the best thing ever! Great job Kristy Vincent (@bigpurplehat), for all your hard work organizing such a fun evening! If you want to check out the tutorials from my driftwood booth, I have them listed on my class website.

Anne (@AnneShrode) did such a great job on her driftwood project!

The DEN finger was also awarded today, and it went to Judy Uhrig (@Jruhrig) for all of her behind-the-scenes work taking pictures and working on the WDEN broadcasts! Great job Judy!


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  1. Ketsana said:

    DENovator Faire sounds like great fun! Love WDEN news and so funny.Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I appreciate your hard work!

  2. Jan Abernethy said:

    Thank you for putting together these wonderful posts, Edie! We who are here appreciate them as much as I am sure the
    otatdensi folks do. The posts will live long after this summer, so know your efforts are not going unnoticed.

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