DENSI 2014: Day 5 Recap

So, it is Day 5 of DENSI, which means today was all about un-conferencing. The notes and resources for today were kept in the Google spreadsheet, so I’m not going to go through and list them, but I will give you a quick rundown of today (at least in my experience).

  1. Tired people showed up with smiles on their faces, and those that weren’t smiling, were by the time they watched the WDEN broadcast.
  2. Tired people cried with Tim Childers.
  3. THIS tired person figured out that Instagram needs to be set to public for people to see your pictures! (go figure!)
  4. Tired people enthusiastically attended lots of amazing sessions and somehow managed to take notes.
  5. THIS tired person presented their first unconference session and was happy that everyone in the session learned something!
  6. Tired people dressed up in funny, cute, or clever costumes.
  7. Tired people stayed up too late because they didn’t want DENSI 2014 to end.

So, it’s been fun, but I’ve got to hit the hay! Thanks for checking out my blog posts this week and I hope that you were able to learn right along with us, even if you were #notatdensi2014.


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