NOTATDENSI14: Not a Problem, Thanks to Jennifer Wagner

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.59.00 PMNot at DENSI 2014. Not a problem–well–not too much of one. For many reasons, not everyone who wanted to attend the DENSI 2014 managed to get to Nashville. For me, I just was not far enough recovered from my stem cell transplant to fly. And truth be told, my heart was with everyone but my body just could not have made the trip. But I felt like I was there because of Jennifer Wagner and the NOTATDENSI14 Google Community she created, moderated, and monitored 24/7. Or so it felt. She didn’t miss a heartbeat in continuing the community outreach for those of us #NOTATDENSI14. For a complete listing of the DEN Unconference events (AND THE PRESENTER RESOURCES), click here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.00.39 PMBecause of Jen, all of us not among the 125 in-person attendees and the DEN Teams were still able to attend. We didn’t miss much. From the two-day DEN Livestreams and the events we followed and participated in digitally, we were there. And we continue to attend, and that’s the really wonderful thing about our DEN family. We just keep updating resources. We are still attending, and you can too. Join us here and continue to post resources. From Marie Coleman come some wonderful video recordings of the Unconference. Thank you, Marie, for sharing these resources on our NOTATDENSI14 community page.
Dave Tchozewski – Using Google Forms to Enhance Discovery Education Experience

Robin Martin – Google Tours

Karen Ogen – Augmented Reality. You can find Karen’s resources here.

As you can see, #NOTATDENSI14 was a busy happening place to be.


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  1. Jennifer Wagner said:

    Thank you– you are very kind. It is my hope that others will step up and offer to host #notat…….. events. It really is not that hard — and when you have such great people participating — it becomes such a helpful community.


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