Tech Brief with Justin

Tech Brief w Justin




I hope everyone is enjoying their  last couple of weeks of summer break. In this weeks post I wanted to to highlight two of my favorite things, music and technology. The advent of personal computers has helped to redefine what was previously possible and changed the face of music composition forever.


Digital audio workstations (better known as DAW’s) were first conceived during the 1970’s, but did not become widely available until the mid 1980’s. DAW’s are software programs built primarily for the composition and creation of music. Each version of software can have thousands of tools and virtual instruments embedded within each program. Processes that took many hours and thousands of dollars could now be compressed into a handful of hours. Musicians now had the ability to replicate a studio environment from the comfort of their own home.


Apple, Native Instruments, Ableton and several other companies have all created their own unique software. Avid Audio (founded in 1984)  developed the most famous version of all the DAW platforms known as “Pro Tools”. Pro Tools  is used by just about every major recording artist you can think of and is still an industry leader today. For the Apple users amongst us, Garage Band is also another powerful tool that comes pre-loaded on every Mac. Don’t forget to search music technology on Discovery Education to explore some great videos and content!! I challenge each of you to learn more about the tools in the market today and for the established musicians out there, I hope this post held special meaning for you.

Until next time, enjoy!




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