#DENchat is back!

Over the next couple of weeks, the roads will be filled with yellow busses carrying eager students back to school. Summer has come to an end. With the return of students, comes the return of #DENchat! Every Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET, you can find us chatting on Twitter using the #DENchat hashtag. This month’s topics are:

August 7: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) facilitates a Back to School discussion.While some meet it with glee and others trepidation, one way or another we are all going Back to School. Come get revved up and excited about the new year!

August 14: Lisa Parisi (@LParisi) brings you information, skills, and strategies for setting up a Responsive Classroom. If you are looking to create a caring, respectful community,  you don’t want to miss this chat!

August 21: Kristy Vincent (@BigPurpleHat) will be sharing all about being a connected educator and collecting the resources you are most excited about bringing to your classroom. Come find out more about the DEN Community, DENchat, other Social Media, and setting up projects such as Mystery Skype/Mystery Hangout. At the same time, share out the tools and sites you are most excited about.

August 28: Join guest moderator Jen Wagner (@jenwagner) for #NOTatDENSI reflections. Join us whether you attended or not. You will certainly pick up at least one resource to start your school year off right.

Have a fantastic school year! Don’t miss #DENchat every Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET.


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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    I’m so excited the #DENchat is returning. I look forward to hosting the first one for August and hope to see lots of you there. Come share your dreams and goals for the 2014-2015 school year.

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