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Welcome the DE Summer School special edition of SOS.  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. During August, we’ll be featuring our STAR Community’s favorite strategies and how they have made them their own.

6 Word Stories
original post 12/17/12
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Special thanks to DEN STAR and 4th grade teacher Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)  from Jefferson Parish Public Schools for sharing how she brought this SOS to her students.


I love using images from Discovery Education with my fourth graders. They are definitely visual learners. One strategy that is easy to use and gets my students’ creative summarizing skills flowing is 6 Word Stories. Below is the picture that is used with this strategy to introduce it to your students. (Click here for PDF of this strategy.) Below the picture are some samples of my students’ 6 Word Stories in response to this image.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 12.02.50 AM

“Okay, we get it! Our turn.” Savannah
“Wait, riders not runners need helmets.” Wilmer
“Why shouldn’t we have fun too?” Cole
“Hey, give us our bikes back!” Tyler

After completing the example activity and discussing their responses, I then displayed the water cycle image on our IWB (interactive whiteboard) and asked my students to summarize it using science words we were learning.

Science Example

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 12.04.23 AM

“Evaporation rises, condensation falls. Water cycle.”  by Lyndell
“Sun, water, evaporation, clouds, condensation. Repeat.” by Izzy
“Sun, water evaporates, vapor condenses, precipitation.” by Alexis

Next, I used an image that tied into our social studies curriculum.

Social Studies Example

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 12.06.07 AM

“Ellis Island – Immigrants coming to America.” by Marlin
“The tired and poor find hope.” by Christian
“Small island, doorway to huge country.” by Adrielle

There are so many ways to use this strategy.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 12.08.01 AM


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