DE Summer School: DENsday- DEN Zone

Happy DENsday! Every Wednesday during the month of August, we’ll be sharing a DEN Program to explore more!

Feeling trapped by the perspective of your district or school site? Looking for ways to learn best practice from other Discovery Educators around the globe? Interested in learning how other districts are navigating education’s latest trending topics? Sounds like you need to get in the zone… the DEN Zone.

The DEN Zone is an online radio program hosted by DEN Guru David Fisher (@davidfisher65) that brings guests from inside and outside the education world together to talk about issues that affect teachers, students, and parents.  Shows are created with current and relevant topics and are approximately 10 minutes in length for concise easy listening.

The DEN Zone can easily be found on the BAM Radio Network site or  iTunes.

Be sure to check out some two of our favorite episodes

Learning Through Music:  On this show my friend, and founding member of the award-winning jazz band The Rippingtons, Russ Freeman talks about the power of personal learning, music in schools, and having a vision for what your team, or band, needs to be.

Untangling The Web: Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow dropped by to talk about their book, some of the tools in it, and what makes a great web tool.  Keep in mind that some of the best web tools aren’t necessarily the newest ones.

Other topics include: Chromebook Roll Outs, Google Glass, 1-to-1 Programs, Ambassador, Lesson Development, Student Connections, Project Based Learning, BYOD and more.

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