DE Summer School: SOS- Sound Check

Welcome the DE Summer School special edition of SOS.  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. During August, we’ll be featuring our STAR Community’s favorite strategies and how they have made them their own.

Sound Check
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Special thanks to DEN STAR and Kindergarten teacher Melissa Spriggs (@melissa_spriggs)  from Baldwin County  for sharing how she brought this SOS to her students.


Another S.O.S. my Kindergarteners used is Sound Check. Again this is something I have done before in class but it now has a name. In Sound Check, students listen to different sounds as a review to what has been taught and identify the sounds or where they come from.

Back in the fall, we read a story about baby animals in grasslands. We discussed the different types of animals and their babies (i.e.: Kangaroo / Joey). At the end of the unit, I played sounds of the different animals and my kiddos told me the parent and child that belong to that sound. They loved hearing the sounds and it made what could have been a boring assessment a lot more fun.

To see more about how I use Discovery Education and SOS strategies in my Kindergarten class, follow my blog!


How have you used sound files in your class? Share with us!



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