Tech Brief w Justin

Greetings! It is an exciting time of year for Discovery Education and the Discovery family as a whole.  August 10 marks the official start of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week! There are plenty of exciting events lined up this year, but there is one particularly interesting feature that could draw plenty of buzz.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution contributed  impressive footage of  great white sharks for this years event. What could be considered even more impressive, is the technology deployed to capture these images. Woods Hole used unmanned submersibles to follow and capture video of these sharks as they made their way through the vast ocean.  The uniquely  engineered submarines known as REMUS (Remote Environmental Monitoring Units) are  outfitted with multiple cameras, tracking equipment and built in GPS. Each unit can be remotely piloted  to depths of up to 300 feet (100 meters). Six GoPro cameras provide a 360 view of the sharks initial approach and attack.  On board tracking systems allow the submersible to locate previously tagged sharks and engage in close interaction (eliminating human risk). The footage revealed some unique behavior and gave an in-depth view of how these solitary animals approach their daily lives. I hope you tune in  and learn alongside the rest of us next week! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer! Until next time!!