Show us your face! How to add a picture to your DEN blog

This year at DENSI, a weird thing happened. Educators were meeting for the first time, but they already recognized each other from their twitter pictures, instagram posts and hopefully their DEN blog image. In The First Five things you Should Do with your DEN Blog, I wrote that adding a picture is the fourth thing you should do with your DEN blog, but many have missed this step, so here it is spelled out. Because we want to see your face!

1. Go to and click ‘sign in’

2. Sign in with your WordPress information (this is also your DEN Blog information). You don’t need to make a new account.

3. Click “authorize”

4. Click that blue link:


5. You have a ton of options for ways to upload pictures.

  • ‘My Computer’s Harddrive’ lets you upload a picture that is saved on your computer
  • ‘An image on the internet’ will prompt you to paste a link. To get this link, find the picture you want (maybe from twitter or facebook), right click and press ‘copy link URL.’ Paste this link back in gravatar and press ‘next’


  • ‘A webcam attached to your computer’ lets you take an on-the-spot picture if you have a webcam

6. Crop your picture and you’re done! It will show up on wordpress and the DEN blogs shortly.

If you ever have any questions on how to do something on your DEN blog, E-mail someone on the DEN team or tweet at @DiscoveryEd!


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