DE Summer School: DENsday- DENvice

Happy DENsday! Every Wednesday during the month of August, we’ll be sharing a DEN Program to explore more!

Looking for direction on how to integrate Discovery Education into your classroom? Have an idea that you’d like to run by a few Discovery Educators? Interested in joining a conversation on trending topics with others that share similar passions? Sounds like you’re in need of some DENvice.

DENvice is a peer-moderated community project created by DEN Guru Tracy Carpenter. It is an interactive forum to solicit advice, discuss new ideas, and engage the power of the DEN to crowdsource answers to questions.  It is hosted on Facebook and is available to all DEN educators.

The DENvice team invites individuals to host a topic of their choice for a week and thereby share their time and talent with the rest of the community. Topics range widely, everything from STEM in the classroom, fostering creativity, engaging students, the Maker movement, apps for education, teacher wellness, grant writing, flipping your classroom, video editing, DE tools and much more. The team welcomes your input on topic suggestions and/or the desire to host.

We are kicking off this coming school year with more topics, including code in the classroom and Google Apps for education.

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