Fun Fact Friday: Kidney Transplants

KidtransplantDid you know that when a person receives a kidney transplant, typically the doctors leave the original kidney in place? It’s true!

Kidneys are located in a relatively well protected area of the body. There are many sensitive areas and fragile organs located in the vicinity of the kidneys. Normally, unless there is a particular danger that stems from the patient’s original kidney itself, such as a tumor, surgeons find it safer to leave the “old” kidney in its original location.

The new kidney is implanted  in the pelvic region, and is attached to a different group of blood vessels completely. Also, there are times when the original kidney may retain some function, in which case, leaving it in actually helps the new kidney do its job.

So, if you think about it, there are actually people walking around that have THREE kidneys!

Now, that’s an interesting fact!

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