DE Summer School: Tips and Tricks-Board Builder

BBexampleIf you’ve never used Discovery Education’s Board Builder, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! It’s very easy to create a fun and attractive presentation!

Simply click Builder Tools, right below the Search bar, and then click Board Builder, on the right. Then choose the style format for the board from the three available styles, or you can choose to start off blank, with no preselected background or color scheme.

Once you’ve done that, give your board a title and description. Once you’ve saved it, you’re ready to edit!

Use the Editor Tools bar on the right side to style your text. You can also add backgrounds, images, your own uploaded videos and images, or you can choose from Discovery Education Streaming’s wide array of searchable content.

As you can see, it’s easy to create with Board Builder!

If you’d like to see some excellent examples of how to use Board Builder, click here. Also, don’t forget that students have access to create their own boards through Board Builder as well.

Be sure to check out 50 Ways to Use Board Builder for some great ways to make the most of Board Builder in your classroom!


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