DE Summer School: DENsday- #DENchat

Happy DENsday! Every Wednesday during the month of August, we’ll be sharing a DEN Program to explore more!

Looking for people  to engage in a conversation about educational topics? Look no further… #DENChat is back!

Every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST, you can join this Twitter chat  to connect and learn.  Hosted by various DEN stars, topics range from why you should become a DEN Star to creating Makerspaces.  Each week, the topic and focus change  but the learning continues and grows.

Never been to a Twitter chat?  Don’t worry.  The learning is free,  connections are friendly, and  rules are easy. Here’s some helpful hint to get you started

  • At 8pm EST, log in to your Twitter account.  Don’t have one?  Take a few minutes to set one up and be sure to include information in your profile about who you are and what you do.
  • Once you are logged in, do a search for #DENChat.  The hashtag sign (#) is the way to follow the conversation.
    • You can use a Twitter app, such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite but using the Twitter site works too.
  • At the beginning of each chat everyone says hello through an introductory tweet, making sure that you include the hashtag #DENChat in your tweet.
  • Soon,  the host of the chat will send out the topic and first question.
  • Each question is tagged with a number (i.e.: Q1, Q2, Q3…)  and answers should also be numbered to make the thread easier to follow (i.e.:  A1, A2, A3…)
  • Answers come quickly, so don’t worry if you are unable to follow everything. You can always go back and scroll through later.
    • All chats are archived on the DEN Blog.  You can go in each weekend and find the preceding chat log in a Storify format.  This is helpful since the chats often include many useful links that you will want to look through at your leisure.
  • Do join in the conversation.  You may  have a solution to someone’s problem.  Feel free to to also ask your own question about the topic.  This is your personal learning time so make it worth your while.

Are you ready to join the conversation?!?  So  join us tomorrow, August 21st, when Paula Naugle will be hosting a Back to School chat with a focus on the connected educator.  We look forward to connecting with you!



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