Teachers as Leaders

Digital Leader Corps is rooted in the development of teacher leaders as agents of change to build and nurture a culture of continuous improvement grounded at the intersection of three fundamental components: pedagogy, change knowledge, and technology.

The Teacher Leader Model Standards are the backbone of our work to grow teacher leaders. The standards were created by the Teacher Leader Exploratory Consortium. The work is grounded in research and took more than two years to develop.

“[T]he standards are intended to codify, promote, and support teacher leadership as a vehicle for transforming schools to meet the needs of 21st-century learners” ( 2011, p. 16.)

They are not intended as a comprehensive job description for teacher leaders. Instead the standards describe seven domains of leadership. Each domain is further developed and supported by a list of functions that a teacher leader who is an expert in that domain might perform. Teacher leaders use the standards as a tool to promote reflection and dialogue, which leads to strategic action.

The standards are essential to our work in Digital Leader Corps, which extends beyond digital integration. Over time, our hope is to create a sophisticated infrastructure that school districts can leverage to solve any number of educational goals.

Teacher Leader Exploratory Consortium. (June 2011.) Model Standards Advance the Work. Journal of Staff Development, 32 (3), p. 16-24.



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    Well stated Kelly! Very exciting work and a key to continuous improvement efforts in our schools.

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