DE Summer School: SOS- Vocabulary Stepping Stone

Welcome the DE Summer School special edition of SOS.  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. During August, we’ll be featuring our STAR Community’s favorite strategies and how they have made them their own.

Vocabulary Stepping Stone
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Special thanks to DEN STAR and Earth Science teacher Monique Liles (@mliles201) from Clayton County Public Schools  for sharing how she brought this SOS to her students.


S.O.S Strategies were are savior and favorite aspect of DE. I am able to easily choose strategies for my 140+ diverse students to use from the S.O.S strategies to include technology and great pedagogy. Leaving a 1:1 computing and small group environment and moving to a large group environment with much less student access to technology hardware in the classroom was a challenge, but DE and S.O.S. Strategies were there to save the day.

I used vocabulary stepping stones by printing the vocabulary from an Earth Science unit on the water cycle and organized my students into groups of 4-5 students. Each group received five of the vocabulary cards. As they watched the video on the water cycle to review concepts, they organized the cards according to their appearance in the video. After the video, they created and shared out vocabulary word wall cards The vocabulary word wall cards are index cards that include the word, definition, and a picture representation of the word. They are then hung on the wall to make the class word wall.

I love this strategy because it helps bring vocabulary to life for my students who often struggle with academic vocabulary in science.

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