Thanks for the DENtastic Summer

Today is my last day as a DENtern, and I would like to thank all of you for your patience, assistance and kind words as I’ve navigated the online world of the DEN. I feel very lucky that I got the chance to try out my social media ideas on such an awesome and willing audience this summer. In honor of all of you, here are my favorite things that happened in the digital spheres of the DEN this summer.


4. #NotAtDENSI2014

Having a hashtag for everyone at an event to collaborate together is standard practice in this digital world of ours. But having a hashtag specifically for people who are not at that event is something I have never seen. One of my favorite parts of the DEN is how inclusive everyone is (see also #3) – people who weren’t at DENSI weren’t excluded from the learning OR the fun (I even had fun during DENSI week just sitting at my desk and watching you all tweet). This is an inspiring idea that I will definitely use in the future.


3. How you embraced your inner STAR

You all make the DEN team’s job easy. Your promotion of your STAR status and excitement for new STARs is infectious, humbling and effective. I loved welcoming new STARs to the DEN family on twitter, but often other STARs had beat me to it! I hope the communities I work with in the future have half as much evangelistic power as the members of the DEN do.




2. #DENthrowback

I have a deep passion for Instagram, so one of my favorite jobs this summer was putting a little love into the DiscoveryEd Instagram. The #DENthrowback competition was my first attempt  at this and I was so happy with the results. It was a contest, but I think most people who shared pictures mainly did so out of the enjoyment they get from sharing those old memories with others. As a DEN newbie, it was great for me to see some past events and hear from people who had been in the DEN for years. (Side note: feel free to keep using this hashtag, even though the competition is over!)

from @cchausis:

#denthrowback at first summer institute Chicago 2006

A photo posted by @cchausis on

from @mawrogers:

#DENThrowback Rocking Vermont! DENSI 2013

A photo posted by @mawrogers on


1. #BecauseoftheDEN

If you were at DENSI2014, you saw my face projected on a big screen, explaining how to help me out with my final intern project. And boy, did you help out! I loved hearing from you on twitter and via E-mail about your videos and what you were doing to contribute to the project.

The response I got to this project was truly humbling. I had an initial sense of fear because not only did I not have much experience making videos (shoutout to Steve for believing in me and the folks at WeVideo for digitally holding my hand through a few rough patches) but I was also very worried no one would submit videos. Thanks to the assistance of the DEN team (special shoutout to Porter for the help at DENSI) and all of you, word spread and I had over 70 people submit videos to me. Even better, the #BecauseoftheDEN hashtag took to social media, and people began sharing their videos and stories independently.

My goal for this video is that it inspires future educators to join the DEN. If you missed it or have someone you want to share it with, you can find it right here!


Thank you to everyone who made my summer DENtastic! I look forward to keeping up with the DEN on social media to see all the awesome things I know will happen in the future.


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  1. Lance said:

    Katy, thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity this summer. We are going to miss you!

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