DE Summer School: SOS- Shake It Up Baby

Welcome the DE Summer School special edition of SOS.  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. During August, we’ll be featuring our STAR Community’s favorite strategies and how they have made them their own.

Shake It Up Baby
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Special thanks to DEN STAR and Media Technology Teacher Laura Murphy (@laurabug) from Irvine Unified School District for sharing how she brought this SOS to her students.


I was trying to find a easy way to get my students more familiar with the different types of content on Discovery Education as well as to get them to use some different equipment in my computer lab. I was looking at the SOS strategies for a DEN Ambassador meeting and saw the Shake it Up Baby strategy and had my lightbulb/a-ha moment!

I decided to try the strategy out with at 4th grade class. I introduced the project to students, using a lot of student sample videos and explaining to them exactly what was expected of them. I asked them to partner up, find any song on Discovery Education that had lyrics, study the lyrics and make any kind of video to express the lyrics. I let students use my ipad to play the song from discovery and video cameras to film their songs.

I wanted to open up the project a bit and see what kinds of songs the students would be attracted to and what kinds of videos they would be most interested in creating. I gave my students the option of creating a live action video, a paper slide, an animated video, a paper cut out video, really anything they could think of to film. I did this for the students who may not be as comfortable being filmed or who didn’t want to be on camera.

Many of the students in that 4th grade class were super excited about the project and honestly many were not, however, once they fully understood that they had so many options for creating their video, they were  on board. The project took about 4 weeks total, including the introduction and about 3-4 hour long lab sessions with me. I had 5 groups and 3 of the groups filmed themselves acting out the songs. The other two did variations on paper slide videos. This project was most successful for the students who really got into making a video and wanted to choreograph dance moves to the songs, however, it was also successful for the students who were reluctant, who were able to see how easy it could be to make a video in general.

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