New STAR Discovery Educators: August 28, 2014

I’m so excited to be able to introduce these members of the DEN community as the newest STAR Discovery Educators.

Jamye Abram, NC
John Barenberg, ID
Karen Batson, AZ
Tamela Davis, NC
Jennipher Eisenstein, TX
Charles Elliott, NC
Juanita Fast, CA
Kevin Finley, AZ
Mary Griffin, TX
Rachel Hood, OH
Laure Hunter, VA
Deanna Kinziger, ID
Christa Kucharczyk, MD
Andrew Lall, AZ
Barbara Liedahl, MD
Cathy Palmer, NC
Claudia Pastrana, FL
Latosha Pugh, NC
Savannah Richards, NC
Sheila Schatzke, TX
Kathy Tummino, MD
Natalie Wheeler, NC
Cecilia Wilburn-Davis, SC
Jerri Zachary, TX

Be sure to maintain your STAR status by logging in to your Discovery Education account and reporting your DEN activity.


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