EPIC STORY Launching Soon

Discovery Education Launches Back-to-School Student Campaign: EPIC STORY

Epic Story Image

On September 8, get your students involved with Discovery Education with this fun, interactive, 3-phase campaign. Students will vote for their favorite clips from cool Science Channel shows, meet a legendary producer during the Virtual Field Trip, and use Board Builder to tell their own epic stories!

Pick One (Voting): September 8 – October 3

Hear One (Virtual Field Trip): October 15

Tell One (Board Builder): October 16 – November 15


Learn more here.


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  1. Cricket Anderson said:

    I Iove all of the epic story videos!! It was hard to pick just one!

  2. Peter said:

    I loved your video on how the universe works probably because I love astrophysics and the universe.

  3. Cricket Anderson said:

    How long does it take to make one and how many do you make in one year?

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