Collaborate with Other Classrooms: DEN Connects

denconnectsfeaturedThe perfect way to have a virtual pen classroom, DEN Connects is still open for you.

Let’s just put it out there: sometimes, signing up for another project or program feels overwhelming. You might be thinking, I have to plan and guide/teach/tutor/present and grade and call families and take role and make bulletin boards and go to my team meeting and create permission slips and rearrange the desks and get that cord for the projector and make a shelf for the journals and eat lunch… how can I commit to another thing that isn’t technically required?!

Here’s how: students consistently tell us that they want to “meet” students from other places. They want to connect. DEN Connects is a huge commitment to expand the world for your students, but it’s a tiny commitment in terms of your time and energy. All you do is check out the monthly topic and suggestions, decide which — any or all — you’d like to do, sign up, and wait to get paired with another classroom. A simple blog post on the first of each month introduces the topic and activities. The actual classroom connection can last for five minutes or one hour or any other time you and your partner teacher decide. Do it via Skype or Hangout or Webex or any other platform that works for you. That’s it.

This month’s topic is Epic Story (HERE is the blog post with all the information). Next month is CREEPY CRAWLIES.

Sign up today! Here’s the form: DEN Connects Sign Up



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