Host Your Own Streamathon Bash!

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6270694683_5c0d4d3d6e_zWhile many people consider the Streamathon the best free professional development you can get while still in your pajamas, there’s nothing quite like the energy you get from experiencing it with others!

The live event will be broadcast from Discovery HQ in Silver Spring, MD.  If in the area or interested in making the pilgramage to our mother ship, One Discovery Place, register here to be a member of our studio audience for the day!  Seats are VERY limited, so only register if you are committed to being there.

Can’t be at One Discovery Place in person?  DEN members around the world will be hosting Viewing Parties to gather face-to-face and learn from the incredibe lineup of speakers we’ve put together.  Attend an event in your area, or even better….  host your own!  Here are some ideas for how to make it the grooviest event on the block!

Before the Streamathon

  • Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.26.41 PMFind a location and get it reserved.  While most people host it at their school or district office, we’ve seen people gather together at Panera’s, Starbucks, or even open up their own homes!
  • Once you know where you’ll be hosting your bash, submit the registration form here.  We’ll add it to the official list as well as the map of Streamathon viewing parties.  We’ll also be sending you over a small party kit from Discovery Education to help make the event even more memorable.
  • Let people know about it!  Email your colleagues, post a note in the teachers’ lounge, tweet it to your PLN, walk next door and invite your neighbors.  It’s never too early to start promoting your event, and the more you remind people, the more attendees you’ll have!

During the Streamathon

  • Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.25.31 PMCostumes and disco balls are optional… but they certainly make the event more fun!  We’re throwing it back to the 70’s with a vintage-style Streamathon, just like Jerry Lewis used to do.  Encourage your guests to get in mood for some funky PD by coming in character.  Did we mention that this is just one week before Halloween?  Tech or treat!
  • Everybody needs a little nibble while they learn, so have a plan for feeding your guests.  You can ask them to bring their own (bonus points for bringing it in a Saturday Night Fever lunchbox), bring something to share with the group, or provide a spread for them.   It’s your event, there’s no wrong way to do it.
  • Tweak the agenda to suit your needs.  We know it’s a long day, and not everybody is in the same time zone.  Boston’s lunchtime presentation might be the opening session for a party in Los Angeles.  Every session will be archived in real time and made available immediately, so feel free to re-arrange the order for your attendees.  We’ll still be there when you get back!
  • Share your ideas, both with the people in the room and online with the hashtag #DEStreamathon.  We’ll be sharing our favorites live during the broadcast.

After the Streamathon

  • BW9ZZNSIMAAobu8Take a well deserved evening off!  Cash in that coupon for a free foot massage and bask in the glory of having created a phenomenal learning experience for your attendees!
  • Share out the archives.  Every session is being recorded and saved, share it out with any colleagues who weren’t able to attend.
  • Send us a picture of your event, we love to see the learning in action!  Share them out with the hashtag #DEStreamathon and we’ll find them.

We can’t wait to get down and boogie with all of you at this year’s Streamathon, which promises to be the grooviest, funkiest, most mind-expanding virtual conference we’ve ever hosted.  So don’t waste any time.  Get your act together and start planning your Streamathon viewing party today!


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  2. Tracie Belt said:

    Thanks for the tips Steve!! I am looking forward to hosting with Ruth M, and several other stars. Can’t wait!

  3. Terra-Lee Gratton said:

    Looking forward to hosting my 2nd DE event! Looks like a jam packed day with amazing sessions and speakers!

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