Walk and Talk Episode 13: Tim Childers

Remember the Walk and Talk series? Sure you do. At least pretend you do and go back and watch the past episodes and then reshare them. They’re pretty good.

Tim kicks off this school year with some interesting thoughts on grading. Watch and give him some feedback, he’s asking for some.


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One Comment;

  1. Nancy Sharoff said:

    If it weren’t for the sign in the background I would have sworn you were at Bentley University (with ALL those steps!). I think the key phrase you use is ‘mastery’. For any myriad of reasons the ‘snapshot’ of an assessment may very well not reflect a student’s true understanding of the content. Possible solution? Offer a. Umber of different types of options for the student to demonstrate their mastery (I know, I know this could be a logistical/management nightmare). So how about if you offer a student the option to ‘fix’ what they got incorrect? Isn’t that what we do in real life? When we try something and it doesn’t work, we assess, then we try, try again. Shouldn’t we offer that same opportunity to our students? I believe in F.A.I.L. — First Attempt In Learning, then go back and give it your all. Just my two cents.

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