DEN Event of the Week: Michele Bennett

We’re going back into the archives for this week’s featured event.  Michele Bennett, from Gulf Shores Elementary School, shared an event back on May 11th that caught my eye for two reasons: 1) She mentions a quiz show in the Discovery Education Streaming library that I’d never heard of (Whaddaya Know) and 2) the picture she submitted features her sutdents proudly showing off the student center on their ipads!

DEN-PICThe weekly routine for all 3rd grade classes is to walk through the library to check in and check out books.  Since I’ve attended the DEN STAR Ambassador program, I”ve been able to ask the 3rd grade teachers and their students to stay and allow me to share what I’ve learned in the DEN program.  This past week, I’ve been sharing how to search “whaddaya” and teach the studetns and their teacher how to play this great game on DE.  Together we’ve learned to change the grades for the search to accomodate grades 1 and 2.  The students and teachers love this game.  It’s educational and fun.  It’s so much like a TV program that it is totally entertaining while educational at the same time.

Love her enthusiasm as much as I do?  You can only get a small sense of it from the event description, but it REALLY shines through in this video I found where she discusses Baldwin County’s Digital Renaissance.

Thanks for being a member of the DEN Michele, and great job inspiring your students!