iMake iLearn – Launching Our Makerspace – SP Design Lab

LED Build Night

The success of our SP Design Lab comes from the connections that we have made with our community.  Last spring the SP Design Lab was created and integrated into lunch recess and after-school.  Through collaboration with FACTv and Radiant Fabrication, our Design Lab was able to benefit from experts within our community about movie making and 3D printing.

Sharing what we are doing and connecting with families is an essential goal of our SP Design Lab.  Even though the Design Lab is open during school hours and after-school, it has always been a goal to connect with families during Build Nights.  Our first Build Night was facilitated by who donated $800 worth of LEDs.  In order to integrate the LED Build Night, it was integrated into our school Back to School night to ensure that more students and families could participate.


Global Cardboard Challenge

The new school year has begun and the SP Design Lab will open at the end of September.  Last year ended with many options but with the beginning of the Design Lab this year, a focus on simple materials will be the primary focus.

The SP Design Lab will be starting with a focus on cardboard creation for the month of October.  The Global Cardboard Challenge is based on Caine’s Arcade.  Cardboard and imagination are powerful tools that our students have access to as well as other art materials that were donated through Donor’s Choose and a generous donation from the Lily Sarah Grace Fund.

The goal  is to document our creations through capturing images and video that will be shared using tools like Discovery Education’s Board Builder, Animoto, iMovie, blogging and more.  Please return soon to find out where our adventure is taking us using cardboard and the most powerful creation tool available – the imagination.


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