Leadership@Now: Virtual Events for Educational Leaders


Back by popular demand, the Discovery Educator Network is thrilled to announce this exclusive series for educational leaders during the 2014-2015 school year.  Join us as experts dive deep in discussions on trending topics.


All events take place at 7pm EST.  Register for any or all of the events here.

  • October 20th: Leadership in the Age of Connectedness featuring Tom Whitby and Steven Anderson
    • As a leader and lead learner in an ever-evolving system of education, if one is merely standing still, he/she is ultimately falling behind. For school leaders today, being connected isn’t an option, its a requirement. Connected educators everywhere are sharing, learning and growing as professionals in ways not possible just a few years ago. And the effects they are having on their schools and districts are far reaching. Join the authors of the book The Relevant Educator: How Connectedness Empowers Learning as they will discuss their own path to connectedness, why its necessary for school leaders to connect and some of the most effective ways to do it
  • December 9th: Redefining Literacy for Today’s Learner featuring Karen Beerer.
    • Visual literacy, digital literacy, 21st century literacy, media literacy, whatever you call it, we know that for students to be literate in today’s world, they need a variety of skills that equate to much more than reading and writing.   In fact, even reading and writing skills look different.  As a leader, your role is integral in helping transform literacy instruction for today’s learners.  Join us to discuss these new literacies and learn practical leadership strategies to implement in your schools.
  • January 13th: Pathways to the Digital Transition featuring Johnna Weller
    • You and your staff are on the technology integration journey! You know the “why” — and you’re working on the “what” and the “how.” In this session, we will explore ways to chart your course and reflect on your progress in the journey. Using the SAMR framework, we will connect technology integration to instructional practice. Join in to hear from other principals who are also leading the journey!
  • February 10th: Reading Literacy Through Digital Tools featuring Kelly Pauling
    • Transform teaching and learning through assessment! Upgrading assessment practices empowers students to take ownership of their learning through relevant performance tasks. Changing how students are assessing organically leads to changes in instruction and creates opportunities for systemic change.
  • March 17th: Indicators of Success- A Digital Administrators Walk Through featuring Carol Wetzel
    • Do you know what to look for?  Do you know how to support your educators as they step out of their comfort zones to utilize digital content and devices with their students? In this session we will look at what effective integration of technology to engage students in reaching learning targets looks like, feels like, and sounds like and discuss how to lead your educators towards the promise of the digital revolution.
  • April 15th: What’s Your Story- Sharing Your Site’s Success featuring Steve Dembo
    • Social media is redefining the relationship schools have with their students, in the classroom as well as outside of it.  We’ll explore ways to leverage student evangelists as a powerful marketing force for your institution.  It’s simpler than you think!
  • May 13th: Building Teacher Leadership- Lessons Learned
    • It was once shared that “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” As educational leaders how do you turn these visions into realities and build teacher capacity through leadership?  Join us as we gather educational leaders from around the nation who have taken journey and learn what they did, what they wish they had known, and what they’ll be repeating.

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