Epic Winner!

Thanks to the thousands of students who voted, we have an epic winner in the Epic Story campaign….


It was a close race, but the numbers never really wavered. How the Universe Works took an early lead and stayed on top for the entire month. It was followed by Monster Bug Wars and Outrageous Acts of Science, in that order.

Here’s the first piece of great news…

…the Executive Producer from How the Universe Works will be hosting a virtual field trip on October 15, 2014 at 1pm ET. Because it’s virtual, ANYONE with an internet connection can register and join. It takes place during the school day, so consider watching it with your class. Register for the event HERE… it’s free!

Here’s the second piece of great news…

…students can watch episodes of all the shows right in their own Discovery Education student accounts. Just tell them to search the show title in the search bar at the top of their landing page when they sign in.

Hope to see you on October 15th!


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