Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Edmonton Edition

After last week, I was a little scared. Trying to replicate the energy and quality of the presentations was a bit daunting. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. I forget what happens when you bring together passionate educators, put them in a great space, offer food and drink and let them share. Magic.


50 educators from across Edmonton spent over 2 hours laughing, sharing and learning. Built around 8 great presentations from these folks:

I could share lots of details but a few moments stood out. One teacher came to the event but didn’t know anyone or what the event was really about. She told her husband, “if this is some kind of cult, I’ll text you one word to come rescue me”. She stayed and like many people described it as one of the best PD events she ever attended. More than a few people stated, “I needed this” as it accomplished its mission of “ignite your passion for Discovery.”  Finally, after everyone left the two restaurant workers looking after us said they couldn’t believe how passionate and energize the participants were. I caught them fully engaged during many talks and remarked how they wish their teachers had been this passionate and caring. It made me proud.

I captured a few tweets from the event with images to give you a sense of the evening.

Thanks to the presenters and participants for continuing to let me have the best job in the world.

Interested in an Ignite style event in your area? Let me know.


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  1. Steve Nyitrai said:

    This was an awesome event. Not what I was expecting – it was way better!

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