Bringing Polar Bears to your Classroom!

logoThe DEN team is again partnering with Polar Bears International for their Tundra Connections program; bringing live, free webcasts from the tundra to your classroom during the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Manitoba.  Soon, I’ll be packing my bags and headed to the Polar Bear Capital of the World.  I hope you and your students join us for at least one of our virtual field trips.  Register to let us know you’re planning to attend, and receive reminders ahead of time.

Tundra Connections 2014 Schedule

Show Host: Kyle Schutt (Discovery Educator Network)
Special Guests: Dr. Seth Stapleton (University of Minnesota); Dr. Tom Smith (Brigham Young University); Jody Reimer (University of Alberta)
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A Virtual Field Trip to the Polar Bear Capital of the World – Join Kyle as he continues his Churchill adventure and learns how different Churchill is from his hometown! Discuss living with polar bears, the Polar Bear Alert program, the Polar Bear Holding Facility, and why there are so many polar bears in this part of the Hudson Bay. Find out if Kyle packed enough warm clothes!

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1:30 p.m. CST
Polar Bears from the Air: Drones and Satellites – Does the word “drone” make you think of wildlife research? It should! Polar bear collaring has been used for years to track bears, but now we are taking to the sky to monitor them in lots of different ways. Join our experts in their discussion of how new technologies are becoming an important way to study polar bears on the sea ice.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Can You Hear? (For Kids, K-2nd grade audience) Who has better hearing: a polar bear or your family dog? From how far away can a polar bear smell a seal? Learn about how a polar bear’s amazing senses help them find food and survive the Arctic winters!

Polar Bears by the Numbers + Math Challenge – Math sometimes can seem intimidating or even boring, but it doesn’t have to be! Find out how scientists are using math to understand polar bear populations and why math helps us make sense of the world. Help us solve math problems to better understand polar bears!


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  1. Carla Minori said:

    i’m definitely interested in the Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What can you hear for K-2. Polar Bears by the Numbers + Math Challenge on Thurs, Oct 30 is for what grade levels?
    thank you very much 🙂

    • Miranda said:

      I would also like to know if the Polar Bears by the Numbers would be appropriate for my upper elementary math class. Thanks! 🙂

    • Ms. Smith said:

      Please reply via this site or email as to the appropriate grade levels for these programs. Thanks so much.

    • Kyle Schutt said:

      Hi Carla – our goal is to span several grade levels and provide content that both asks students to stretch their thinking as well as provide information that is appropriate. That being said, here is a rough guide for each offering:

      A Virtual Field Trip to the Polar Bear Capital of the World (K-12)
      Polar Bears from the Air: Drones and Satellites (6-12)
      Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Can You Hear? (For Kids, K-2nd grade audience)
      Polar Bears by the Numbers + Math Challenge (4-12)

      I encourage you to learn more by going here:

  2. Lori said:

    For the Oct 30 event, I would like to know what grade levels this is appropriate for. Thanks

  3. Kristi McEntire said:

    My students are out of the room during the Oct. 29th webcast. Can I save it & replay later?

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  5. Alison Morton said:

    Is Bringing Polar Bears to your Classroom! available only in Canada? Can US people watch this? I can’t find the link to register.

  6. Carla Haaven said:

    How long are the live field trips?
    So excited to watch Kyle….I hope he dresses for the cold.

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  8. Jennifer Jordan said:

    Are these webcasts archived? I teach 3 classes of 4th graders Science and Social Studies, I have already completed my unit on Life Science, but would love to be able to access these for a review later on in the school year.

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  10. Kerry Evans said:

    I want to register, however the link takes me to survey monkey. I took the survey but it still wouldn’t let me register for the live stream. What am I doing wrong?

    • Kyle Schutt said:

      Good morning, Kerry. Polar Bears International is using SurveyMonkey for their registration form. Once you complete the information there, they’ll send you an email update the morning of each webcast.

  11. Dunstable 5/6 said:

    Hi, we are very excited to join the virtual tour tomorrow (Oct. 28). We registered on the weekend and have not received a reply… starting to panic.. our whole school is going to watch on the big screen… please advise.
    Lorna Hiemstra
    Dunstable School, Alberta, Canada

  12. marina andrea said:

    I am interested in having my second grade students watch the program on Thursday the 29th, on Polar Bear Using math.
    Please let me know what I need to do to register.

    Marina Andrea
    Duffy Elementary School

  13. Annamaria Skelton said:

    I can’t see any of these documentaries. Broward County Public Schools has blocked the video from our computers. Is this going to be archived someplace? This way I can downloaded. Thank you.

  14. Marina Andrea said:

    I just wanted to make sure I am registered for my students to watch the Virtual trip about Polar Bears and math tomorrow October 29th at 12:00. Please let me know. Thank You, Marina Andrea

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