Collier County Public School Ambassadors: Camaraderie At Our Fingertips

Collier County DEN Ambassadors were recognized during their annual STEM week Discovery Awards night. These talented teachers are our “Ambassadors” of digital learning. They share, collaborate, model and create exciting ways for students and teachers to show what they know through inquiry based STEM education. Being a part of the DEN has expanded our professional network to include educators from across our district and across the globe. Teachers don’t have to ever feel isolated in the classroom. Because of the DEN, we have a world of resources and camaraderie at our fingertips!

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  1. Michelle Joyce said:

    Honored to be part of this elite group and continue to share the good news about Discovery Education and its resources as well as the value of being a connected educator.

  2. Jamie said:

    Ditto to Michelle-very honored.

    Thank you & Congratulations to ALL and to all an excellent future with Discovery Education.

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