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The Amazing Emaze

by Janet Hallstrom

PowerPoint has always ruled the presentations at my high school.  Everyone seems to have a mastery of creating presentations with movies, sound, narrations, animations, and transitions.  Wowing the students with PowerPoint is not even possible anymore.  Prezi provided a new way for teachers to capture student interest in their presentations with the zooming in and out.  However, I found a presentation tool that offered so much more.  Emaze is truly amazing.  Several great templates are provided for you to use.  The City 3D template lets you write your points on billboards as the screen flies from the top of one big skyscraper to another making you feel as if you are in a helicopter zooming in and out around the buildings.  The newspaper template allows you to insert pictures and text to create a newsworthy presentation.  The Halloween presentation below is another template to which I just added Halloween music using my license with Soundzabound. Check out the other templates on their site at

I find Emaze to be a really easy tool.  The Free version is all I have used in the past year and a half, and I have been completely satisfied with it.  With the free version, I can use 3D effects, add YouTube videos, add music and sound, import PowerPoints, and share online up to 200 MB.  The paid versions allow collaboration, downloads, larger storage, offline viewing, and more.  For a tutorial on using this resource, go to

I hope you enjoy using this resource as much as I have.

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