SOS: Paperchat with a POW!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.12.02 PMWhen educators send me emails sharing how they utilize the SOS in their classrooms or with their colleagues, my heart just soars.  You can only imagine my glee when I received an email from DEN STAR and Ambassador Cindy Taylor, ELA Specialist at Eldersburg Elementary in Carroll County Public Schools, asking if she had permission to make a PowToon video about the SOS Paper Chat.  This is the first of a series she will create to share with her staff at meetings.

Here’s a direct link or watch the embedded video below.




Not familiar with the Paper Chat strategy?  View the original post here (or download this PDF) with an example using Discovery Education resources.

We’ve also used this type of strategy in ambassador and staff meetings when discussing a variety of topics.

How would you use this strategy with students or teachers?

We’re in the process of creating brand new SOS for you so stay tuned for more!



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  1. Mike Kennedy said:

    I have never seen a PowToon before. Now I want to do a paper chat and a PowToon also. Well Done!

  2. Corrina Sawyer said:

    What a neat way to get everyone’s opinion and thoughts where they don’t feel embarrassed. I will try this in my class!

  3. Amy Pritchett said:

    Way to go Cindy! CCPS represent! Fantastic video! You have inspired me to try to use a new technology when I present to my staff at NCHS.

  4. Jay McGuffin said:

    Cool idea! I have done versions of this, but not exactly like this where an entire class is focused on everyone’s comments around them.

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