Tundra Connections Math Challenge

General-TC-2If you haven’t heard, the DEN is once again partnering with Polar Bears International for their 2014 Tundra Connections program.  Learn more and register from my previous blog post here:


To prepare for the Thursday, October 30 webcast at 1pm ET, we invite you and your students to participate in our Math Challenge.  Our goal is to have a fun challenge that has kids of all ages working with numbers to see how they relate to polar bears. We want to get them excited about using math as a tool to understand the world around them.

After completing the challenge if you’re looking for more ways to engage your students, Polar Bears International put together a Taking it Further document that includes videos, images, and much more: http://dlc.com/polarbears2014extension

We hope to see you next week!

Tundra Connections Math Challenge: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HowDoICompareToAPolarBear





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