Event of the Week: October 23, 2014

img_0758This week we’re sharing a great way to engage colleagues from Donna Miller at Norwood Public Schools. Donna hosted a Lunch Bunch in the library lab for her staff and provided an overview on how to set up classes within Discovery Education.

Donna shared that “This is the first year that we had administration load all of the students into Discovery Education. Now, all students have a log in and can use Discovery Education from anywhere – home, school, car…We also went over some the resources that Discovery Education offers, I showed them the teacher section and how to create boards in Board Builder.”

What a great way to help teachers get student accounts set up- by providing time for them and assisting the with any questions, thanks for sharing, Donna! You can connect with Donna at @DonnaMiller44

I’d love to hear from other educators on effective ways to support colleagues in their use of digital media-

Are student accounts already set up in your schools? How are you supporting your colleagues? What are some quick overviews that you could provide during a lunch break or after school snack session?

Share your ideas in the comments below!


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 5.08.54 PMWant to have your event featured?  Keep logging your events.  It’s as easy as STAR!

S – Share something you’ve learned about using Discovery Education resources with your colleagues

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