End Math Nightmares!


By Rafranz Davis, Math Blogger

The mere mention of the “m” word (math), to some students draws shivers far reaching than the scariest of horror movies. This feeling of deep angst when it comes to math is so common that if a crowded room of learners were polled about their self-perception concerning mathematics, the expected result would unsurprisingly negative.

What causes students to develop such emotional disconnections to math? There is plenty of research to support a number of theories but in my experience as a math educator, students were more excited to tackle mathematical experiences if they were centered on ideas that were closely related to their scope of understanding and interesting in nature.

This week, Discovery Education is officially kicking off its promotion of the new Math Techbook by directly tackling this very idea of math anxiety, encouraging an end to math nightmares. Every day, a new poster will be released that unleashes some “spooky” yet super cool math concept tied to the nightmarish theme.

 For classroom teachers, this is an excellent opportunity for you to spark a little wonder in your students, sending them on a ghoulish chase to learn more about each “creepy” idea! Don’t forget to share on twitter using the hashtag #EndMathNightmares!

As a former middle to high school math teacher, I was especially excited to see vampire numbers described on yesterday’s poster because this particular pattern was one that my students found hauntingly exciting, especially since we discovered them as a certain vampire/werewolf movie released and took over the world!

 If vampire numbers are a little out of your scope of math learning, that’s okay! Stay tuned for an exciting creative challenge sure to send your classroom “creepy crawlers” on a wild ghost chase of mathematical proportions!

On a final note, I am deeply honored to be a contributor of mathematical thought and ideas for Discovery Education’s social media team! For the next few months, I’ll be sharing not only ways in which teachers and students can creatively and interactively utilize media rich resources in math classes but also thoughts on the state of math education and how we can intently move towards creating student driven learning environments powered by wonder through an inquiry based approach to understanding mathematics.

 Together, we can certainly put an end to math nightmares forever!

Rafranz Davis


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